Media Coverage

  • Toronto Star

    Moose Cree First Nation has teamed up with Toronto-based Drone Delivery Canada to see if the self-flying aircraft can reduce the time and expense of bringing food, medicine and other supplies to the remote community.

  • Kelowna Now

    The future has arrived in Canada. A remote Moose Cree First Nations community will start getting various resources delivered by drone, courtesy of Drone Delivery Canada (DDC). DDC is set to start commercial test flights within the Moose Cree geography, which is located 20 km south of James Bay in Northern Ontario. "We are very pleased to begin roll out of our drone delivery solution for the Moose Cree First Nation community," commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of DDC. "Drones provide immediate capacity building and provide an alternative to traditional infrastructure where none presently exist."

  • Global News

    A Toronto tech company is about to start testing drone deliveries to a remote First Nation community in Northern Ontario, in the first endeavour of this kind in Canada. Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) and Moose Cree First Nation announced Oct. 4 that they had reached an agreement to start a commercial program aimed at enabling shipments of items like mail, food, and medical supplies via drone.

  • CBC

    Patricia Faries is hoping drones will help reduce the price of goods in her community of Moose Cree First Nation. The chief of the remote community on the island of Moose Factory in northern Ontario says the cost of living is high because of the extra effort it take to transport goods there.

  • Unmanned Aerial

    Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), a drone technology company based out of Vaughan, Ontario, has announced a collaboration with office supplies giant Staples Inc. Under the new partnership, the two companies plan to explore the feasibility of developing, implementing and commercializing a drone delivery logistics platform for Staples’ commercial requirements nationwide in Canada.

  • Le Devoir

    Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), une compagnie fondée en 2014 et basée à Vaughan, en Ontario, a annoncé la conclusion d’un accord avec Staples pour « explorer les possibilités de développement, d’implantation et de commercialisation d’une plateforme logistique de livraison par drone capable de répondre aux besoins commerciaux de Staples au Canada.

  • Reuters

    Co & Staples will team up to explore feasibility of developing, implementing, & commercializing drone delivery logistics platform

  • IT Business

    Commercial drone delivery could arrive sooner than you think, if the Canadian arm of Staples Inc. has its way. On Tuesday, the office supply giant announced that it was collaborating with Vaughan, Ont.-based firm Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) to develop, implement, and commercialize a drone delivery service.

  • Mobile Syrup

    Drone Delivery Canada and Staples are teaming up to pursue the development and commercialization of a drone delivery logistics program. The collaboration will explore the feasibility of developing, implementing and commercializing within the logistical framework that Staples already operates.

  • Venture Recon

    After learning the world was leaning towards a modern form of a delivery system, this private company started the transition to becoming public. Prior to listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange in June of 2016, Drone Delivery Corp (CSE:FLT), had an unfamiliar start to the world of a publicly traded entity.

  • SmallCap Power

    SmallCapPower caught up with Drone Delivery Canada (CSE:FLT) CEO Tony Di Benedetto at the Toronto Capital Conference. FLT is the first drone delivery company in Canada, and is using Canadian intelligence and technology to build the domestic industry.

  • Tech Vibes

    The US often enjoys being the first of many things, especially tech-based services, given that so many tech titans are headquartered on American soil.  But the nation has been slow to accept the idea of commercial drones—while Canada and parts of Europe seem more eager to allow the innovative technology to advance.

  • Toronto Star

    Drone Delivery Canada began testing drones over a field at the University of Waterloo this week, joining an elite club of companies worldwide vying to drive drones from the prototype stage into commercial use.

  • Bloomberg

    Drone Delivery Canada received Certification from the Federal government to test flights for delivery. CEO Tony Di Benedetto speaks on Bloomberg North.

  • Radio Canada International

    A new company has been given approval by the federal agency controlling airspace, to begin test flights to deliver packages by drone. Transport Canada, Canada’s Federal regulatory body which is responsible for transportation policies and programs in Canada granted Drone Delivery Canada its first official flight certificate to advance its outdoor testing within Southern Ontario.